Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage uniquely combines the benefits of hydrotherapy with heat and professional manual massage. Studies show that a therapeutic hot stone massage is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation, and easing pain and muscle tension. It can prove beneficial in addressing insomnia and chronic pain conditions.

man getting hot stone massageHot Stone Massage is a specialty massage which uses smooth, water-heated black volcanic lava stones, that absorb and retain heat well. The water-heated stones come in various shapes and sizes, from tiny little stones that are placed between your toes to larger stones that are gently placed on specific sites on your body, which your RMT will then use to massage your muscles. The warmth from the stones relaxes the muscles, enabling Santé Group RMTs to provide your muscles with deep tissue work, comfortably.  By using heated stones together with traditional Massage Techniques, your Santé Group Registered Massage Therapists treat your muscles thoroughly.

To make sure you have a safe and positive hot stone massage experience, see only a licenced, experienced RMT, like your Santé Group Registered Massage Therapists, all of whom are trained to work safely and effectively with hot stones. Since this service is provided by a Registered Massage Therapist this treatment is eligible to be claimed under your health insurance benefit plan.

Consult with your experienced Santé Group Registered Massage Therapist to discuss whether a hot stone massage is a suitable treatment option for you.

The resulting deep massage and sensation of warmth and comfort is not to be missed. The state of relaxation produced by this treatment calms the nervous system, promoting harmony and balance of mind and body.  Relax and enjoy the wonderful sense of stillness.

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